What is Really Good Bread?
We all know it when we taste it- Your're out somewhere. The waiter brings a plate of bread-crusty, chewy, rich smelling. You tear a piece off and spread on a little butter. The first bite tells you that this bread is different. You wonder "How on
earth do they bake this?" And then you ask yourself "How come MY bread isn't like this?"
This site is about YOU baking THAT bread. Even if you've never baked bread before you can quickly learn to bake great bread. If you've been baking for years but want that extra "something" that just doesn't seem to happen then some of the ideas on this site may well make the difference for you.
All of the pictures of bread on these pages are of loaves from my home oven. They are crusty, chewy, filled with big air holes, taste as good as they look.
Hearth Baked Sour Dough.
Unbleached white flour, water, natural levain (yeast), and salt