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Welcome to Really-Good-Bread.com My name is Jim Yedor and I bake bread for my family and friends in Tustin, CA. I have been baking since I was a kid but it is only in the past year that my bread has become what you will find on these pages. The reaction to these breads is always the same "Wow, THAT'S Really Good Bread!" It is my hope that you will soon be getting the same reaction. I am still amazed that THIS bread comes out of My oven. The "secret" to these breads can be found in several great books- Please check out the "Library" section for some of my favorites. The recipes here are based upon the work of others more skillful than me but with some modifications based upon personal trial and error. Every baker experiments as they go along. Hopefully these recipes and techniques will give you a starting point from which to strike out on your own.
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